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About Presslaff Interactive Revenue

Presslaff Interactive is a group effort. Our key point of distinction is our people, and the level of service we bring to you and your people. We easily translate technology into the real-word/media-world needs of your business and bring a rich media background and understanding of your business to all our database efforts on your behalf. Ask any of our clients, they’ll tell you that our hands-on involvement and ideas are key to their success.


Our Team

Ruth Presslaff

Ruth Presslaff


Ruth Presslaff, founder of Presslaff Interactive Revenue has been working in the media since her college days. A quick trip across some of her favorite cities took Ruth from running her college radio station in New Orleans to Affiliate Relations in New York City and Washington, D.C., to Director of Network Sales in Chicago, followed by a return to DC to become VP of Affiliate Relations for the United Stations, all by the ripe age of 25.

Presslaff started The Media Gallery, Inc., now Presslaff Interactive Revenue as a means of bringing media companies innovative, interactive products. The company’s reputation is built on providing both the technical and marketing support necessary to ensure each client’s greatest success.

Ruth’s a sought after speaker and has been highlighted at numerous conferences including the National Association of Broadcasters, Commercial Radio Australia, Local Media Association conferences of all stripes and the Radio Advertising Bureau Managing Conference.

Catch Ruth at the Torrance, CA office…or on a prized free day, on the tennis court.


Jerry Parker

Jerry Parker

Vice President, Operations

Jerry’s background includes over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Engineering, with more than 15 years of technical management and client services and support specializing in developing tailored and unique solutions for clients. Jerry leads our team of developers and provides a superior level of client support, ensuring that your technology and ours work in harmony – from APIs to automating email creation/delivery to custom development per your specifications.

When not building better platforms for our clients, Jerry builds robots to accomplish all sorts of tasks, including a mobile chicken coop. (Don’t ask…or actually, call him and do ask).

Michelle Novak

Michelle Novak

Manager, Client Sales & Service

Michelle joined Presslaff Interactive in 2008. Having grown up in a media family in Iowa, she then spent 15 years in corporate and local marketing and research for Saga Communications. She now brings her deep knowledge of radio, television, print, database and email marketing to PIR’s clients. Michelle will work with you and your team to ensure your database and your sales dollars grow.

When not living and breathing databases, Michelle can be found enjoying NY Yankees victories, being tormented by Chicago Cubs losses, riding her bike in the early morning or working in the yard with her husband, Tom.

Kirsten DiChiappari

Kirsten DiChiappari

Marketing Specialist

Kirsten joined Presslaff in December 2014, coming from years of experience as a marketing consultant and digital sales director in the small business, newspaper publishing and radio broadcast industries. Kirsten’s focus is launch, training and execution as she guides our newest clients through the initial process while helping our long-standing clients find new and creative ways to generate recurring revenue.

Outside of her ‘day job’ Kirsten is an avid writer, blogger and brand enthusiast and a lover of all things digital. She lives in Rhode Island with her family but can often be spotted on the Jersey shore.

Turnkey Solutions

For clients looking for bursts of revenue, PIR provides a host of stand-alone turnkey solutions. Build data driven revenue, build databases, collect market research, identify qualified leads for your advertisers in categories like Home Improvement, Education, Healthcare, Automotive and more. You sell. PIR builds.

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Best Of

Engage your audience to vote for the Best Of, while engaging your advertisers in this lucrative program. Our mobile-first, graphic-rich platform will energize an already successful Best Of program or launch you as the leader in your market. Plus, take advantage of the new revenue opportunities this platform provides, particularly around data collection and email marketing.

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Supplied by PIR’s world class marketing team, this informs our work together, by showing how to build engaged databases and use the data you’ve collected to engage audience and advertisers alike. Your one-on-one marketing coach works with you and your team to wring every benefit out of every byte of data.

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Our Clients and Partners

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Because Email Marketing is a monster revenue generator, and we can help you generate some of that revenue through short bursts or long term planning. Because targeted database marketing is key to building meaningful relationships with your audience, and audience engagement is critical to your future. Because once we know who you are and what you need, we can help build that unified database through our platforms and marketing expertise.

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