‘Best Of’ Bests Best By 400%

Published on November 30th, 2016
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Media companies have run ‘Best of’ campaigns for years, garnering impressive audience engagement, bringing in big dollars from local businesses and being the arbiter of the best in market. It’s a solid concept that was ready for a burst of innovation and rejuvenation.  It was time to make best of’s even better.

Schurz’ Herald-Mail did just that, with the new ‘Best of’ platform from Presslaff Interactive Revenue.  The Herald-Mail increased their digital revenue by 400%, while doubling their overall revenue using this new mobile-first, graphic-rich and data-intensive platform.

“Reader’s Choice has always been popular with our print and online readers but after so many years of doing it, our contest needed a lift.  This new mobile-first platform breathed new life into an old promotion.  It looks great, performs great and helped us generate substantial online dollars to add to the print revenue,” shares Liz Thompson, Digital Director, Herald-Mail Media.

It is the data edge that makes Presslaff’s ‘Best of’ even better.  Track votes at the category/sub-category level, right down to the actual vote, while gathering opt-ins and first-party data throughout the campaign. Run your best of seasonally, profit from the data you collect all year long.

Read more here: http://presslaff.com/what-we-do/best-of/


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