#FTA Bull’s-eye! The Future is in Targeting

Published on November 1st, 2015
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What do you know about your loyal listeners and customers? Name? Home zip code? Gender? Age? If it’s ok to send email? That’s a good start. It allows you to send some offers to everybody, and parse other opportunities based on where people live, their gender or age.

What could you know about members of your database? Just about anything. (Assuming your database members trust you with their answers.) Asking the right questions gives your customers and listeners a forum for expressing their opinion and you a platform for targeting your offers.

  • Looking to sell jewelry for Valentines Day? Find out who’s interested in buying and target that group with a specific email offer.
  • Looking to introduce a new car model? Find out who’s looking for a new car, right down to the type of car they like to drive, if they lease or buy and how much they plan to spend.
  • Looking to fill the theater for a new show? Find out who likes the theater and what kind of shows they like.

The more you know, the more specific your offer can be. The more your offers jibe with your database members interests, the higher your open rate, the higher your response rate and the stronger your relationship.

Hit the bull’s-eye with your database. Find out what interests them and send exactly what they’re looking for.



[#FTA — From the archives: each month, we revisit a post from our past to show how some marketing strategies stand the test of time.]

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