Case Study: 90 New Subscribers – A Gift to the New Haven Register

Published on May 25th, 2017
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Objective: Identify and acquire new subscribers, while cleaning up and growing their email database through an engaging promotion that rewarded and engaged readers.

Background: The New Haven Register wanted to engage the subscribers and non-subscribers within their email database. Presslaff Interactive offered a strategy to promote an online prize giveaway contest to accomplish their objective. This included a compelling contest landing page, in-print and Facebook ads, and weekly email reminders to both subscribers and non-subscribers.


  • The contest ran over three weeks, each week allowing entrants a chance to win 1 of 5 gift cards. Individual contests saw numbers reaching over 600 participants!
  • Print ads and email campaigns were sent to spread awareness about the contests and get more participants.
  • An email was sent once a week to drive participation in the contest and weed out invalid email addresses.
  • As a follow-up to the contest, targeted email campaigns were delivered to two distinct audiences: an exclusive subscription offer sent to non-subscribers and a thank you sent to existing subscribers.

Results: The contest and email campaigns were a success and the objective was met!

  • 90 new subscribers to the New Haven Register
  • 376 new email addresses were collected
  • 15 prize winners
  • A nearly 20% email open rate from non-subscribers
  • An over 40% email open rate from subscribers



If you would like to learn more about campaigns like this, or how you can use email marketing to drive new subscriptions through Presslaff Interactive’s Dat-e-Base platform, contact Kirsten DiChiappari today.

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