Case Study: Acquiring New Subscribers Through Targeted Email Campaigns

Published on April 13th, 2016
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Objective: Gain new subscribers by targeting non-subscribers in Post-Bulletin’s email database.

Background: Post-Bulletin had segmented their email database to identify non-subscribers and subscribers. This included all of their former subscribers and audience members who had never been a subscriber of the paper. In an effort to convert those non-subscribers, targeted email campaigns were built containing limited-time subscription offers. This push by the Post-Bulletin delivered almost 300 new subscribers through two email campaigns.


  • Post-Bulletin created two different email campaigns, one themed for Black Friday and one for the winter season.
  • The campaigns were targeted to email database members who were not a subscriber, including lists of former subscribers and recipients who had never been a subscriber.
  • Non-subscribers who signed up for a subscription received the special savings offer promoted in the email campaign, along with all of the perks the Post Bulletin offers through their “Insiders” loyalty program.

Results: These two campaigns were a huge success!

  • Almost 300 people from their email database signed up to become new subscribers to the Post Bulletin.

If you would like to learn more about campaigns like this, or how you can use email marketing to drive new subscriptions through Presslaff Interactive’s Dat-e-Base platform, contact Michelle Novak today.

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