Case Study: Giveaway Delivers Customers, Web Traffic and Good-Will

Published on August 18th, 2016
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Background: Line-X and WGH-FM Radio partnered to give away a truck makeover to someone deserving (in the military, first responder, etc.) by having the audience share a story of why the nominee needed a truck makeover.

Objective: Generate awareness and new leads for a client by implementing an effective cause marketing campaign by means of a contest. Engage the audience with a compelling contest.


  • Campaign ran for 4 weeks – including the nominations registration page hosted on the client’s site and promoted by the station via online, social media, on-air and email.
  • Line-X chose top 5 nominees – client posted the link for people to vote on the most deserving on their website.
    • A unique twist was having the station drive traffic to the client’s website for voting. The station benefited, since entrants registered into the station’s database.
  • Line-X selected a police officer as the winner of the campaign and they were notified by an on-air phone call, producing very powerful on-air content.
  • The station sent an email to all those who entered and voted with the ‘who won’ info and a special coupon offer from Line-X.
  • All 5 finalists received a $250 gift card to spend at Line-X. (And at least one finalist spent over $1,000 with Line-X and has become a regular customer.)

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