Case Study: Leader-Telegram Grabs Grocery Dollars

Published on May 27th, 2016
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Objective: Create a fun, engaging branding and data collection campaign for a local grocery store.

Background: Festival Foods grocery store is a great print partner for The Leader-Telegram and had done an online campaign in 2015. They signed on as the grocery sponsor for a “Taste of Home Cooking School”, but unfortunately the show was cancelled. Hungry to keep the business, The Leader-Telegram sales team brainstormed how to retain those sponsorship dollars and the community feel of the campaign. The solution? The PIR Idea Sparker, “Guess the Groceries.” The idea kept the business and generated great results for Festival Foods.



  • Festival Foods filled a grocery cart with items and a photo of the cart was distributed to Leader-Telegram’s 14,000 member email database, on Facebook and on
  • Participants could enter online to win the contents of the cart by submitting a guess of the value of the groceries.
  • Additional promotion was done via 5 quarter page, color ads and with vinyl signage on Festival Foods in-store display of groceries.
  • Entrants could opt-in to receive special offers from Festival Foods and received an email with 3 recipes from their blog.


  • Branding and exposure opportunity for the client
  • 860 entries into the contest (38% male; 62% female; 75% over age 45)
  • 531 opt-ins (61.74%) for Festival Foods
  • New database members and enhanced audience profiles for Leader-Telegram
  • Total investment from Festival Foods = $1,500 + $149.90 for the groceries in the cart.

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