Case Study: Tribune Launch Campaign

Published on June 29th, 2015
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Case Study: Working It From Day One

It doesn’t take long to turn partial data into recurring revenue. A full profile on your users is critical. It’s the pathway for providing compelling content to your audience while arming your AEs with the data that will turn into dollars.

Background: Swift Communication’s Greeley Tribune hit the ground running with their first campaign with Presslaff. Launching within weeks of signing their contract, The Tribune had two distinct goals:

  1. To unify all of their disparate email databases into one platform in order to engage audiences and provide measurable, actionable data to advertisers.
  2. To collect missing information from people who had previously registered with only an email address or who, in previous programs, were not asked critical demographic information.

The Tribune launched their program in Dat-e-Base with a simple ‘enter to win’ concept to entice and reach the widest base.
The additional information collected will help complete user profiles, resulting in better targeting and richer sales opportunities in the future. As an added bonus, they created engagement with their audience.

Objective: Data collection and unification.



• The Tribune’s audience was encouraged to participate in a one-click contest they could enter weekly. Participants who entered with an already registered email address were prompted to fill in blank portions of their member profiles, as applicable. Non-registered members were asked to sign up in order to be entered to a weekly gift card drawing.
• 20 random winners were chosen over 20 days. $1,000 worth of gift cards were awarded. Winner’s names were announced in subsequent emails promoting the campaign.


• There were more than 4,000 total entries from over 2,400 unique entrants who participated in The Tribune’s warm-up campaign.
• Over 2,400 profiles were completed in Dat-e-Base, of which almost 300 were brand new registrations.
• While the campaign’s goal was not revenue, the bounce back email to participants included special offers featuring Tribune products. Greeley sold close to 100 Top 20 Dining Cards and 25 Beer Club cards, totaling almost $1,800 in incremental revenue.

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