Case Study: Virtual House Multi-Sponsor Contests

Published on July 20th, 2017
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Warm leads. Marketing Insights.  Fresh sales ideas.  Proven Track Record.

Experience the success of Presslaff Interactive Revenue’s online, responsive design, themed multi-sponsor campaigns. Bring your sponsors these lead generating contests, complete with  first party data and marketing insights, giving your clients the measurable results they now expect.

Learn from Frank Kulbertis, of Radioactive Sales.  Frank is a believer.  He has sold a number of PIR’s Virtual House Contests to many different businesses, with some campaigns hosting 20 different sponsors. Frank shares his insights into the process and speaks about the rich returns these campaigns bring to everyone involved.

After participating in the multi-sponsor campaigns, Frank observed that it is not always about the big numbers; it is about the right numbers. Watch Frank speak of the successes he’s witnessed:

These campaigns are fresh, different and provide direct results: data and warm leads for the advertiser and often, extended contracts for the media partner.

PIR continues to redesign, reinvent and broaden these multi-sponsor categories. If you’re looking for fresh ideas, that are clear winners, please reach out to



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