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Case Study: 90 New Subscribers – A Gift to the New Haven Register

Objective: Identify and acquire new subscribers, while cleaning up and growing their email database through an engaging promotion that rewarded and engaged readers.

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Case Study: Leader-Telegram Grabs Grocery Dollars

Objective…: Create a fun, engaging branding and data collection campaign for a local grocery store.

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Case Study: Acquiring New Subscribers Through Targeted Email Campaigns

Objective: Gain new subscribers by targeting non-subscribers in Post-Bulletin’s email database.
Background…: Post-Bulletin had segmented their email database to identify non-subscribers and subscribers.

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Case Study: The Elkhart Truth ‘Got Smart’ about combining Print Advertising and Database Marketing

Background…: The Elkhart Truth was facing the challenge of declining sales in an annual special section focused on continuing education and employment options.

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#FTA What You’re Doing Right

Instead of starting the New Year off with the list of things you’re doing wrong and the things that need to be changed (truth is,

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#FTA Bull’s-eye! The Future is in Targeting

What do you know about your loyal listeners and customers? Name? Home zip code? Gender? Age?

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#FTA Hey. Listen Sometime?

Hey! So good to see you! Let’s get together.
(It’s never going to happen.)
Hey! So good to see you!

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#FTA Creating a Mission Statement

Create a mission statement to guide the content of your e-mail broadcasts. Think about the information your listeners want from you,

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#FTA Desperate for Data

Are you desperate for data? There’s only one right answer to this one: NO, because you’re smart.

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Case Study: WRCB-TV Car Care

Background…: WRCB-TV wanted to develop a sales program that would crack open new advertising dollars in the Automotive category.

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