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#FTA Offering Incentives

Read this month’s post and win $100.00
…not really but I bet that offer was a great incentive for you to read the column.

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Case Study: WMEE Outdoor Oasis

Background…: Auburn Concrete, a thriving custom commercial hardscape company, wanted to expand their company and venture into the high-end residential market of backyard living spaces.

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#FTA Wham-Bam-See You SPAM?

Wouldn’t it be great if the messages that your listeners and customers want–have asked for–could exist in a SPAM free world?

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#FTA Mother May I?

Remember when permission was sought from authority figures? When communication was from the one to the many?

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#FTA Right Now Value

If you’re a relationship marketing junkie like me, you’re already familiar with Seth Godin’s early tenets of email communications.

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#FTA Building Relationships

E-mail marketing is an extraordinarily efficient means of relationship marketing. The very beginning of this relationship is the on-line registration questionnaire.

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#FTA Matchmaking

Instead of thinking of your e-mail marketing efforts as a technical venture, think of it as a matchmaking service between you,

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