Presslaff Uses Power of Data to Feed Hungry Grocery Advertisers

Published on July 19th, 2017
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Commercial Radio Australia and Presslaff Interactive Revenue have partnered to provide CRA member stations with a series of Finding Consumer Trend Reports (FCT Reports), national online surveys designed to discover local radio listeners’ lifestyle interests and buying intentions. The subject of this study, Grocery Shopping, was conducted between 23 March and 15 April 2015.

Response to the Grocery Survey came from the radio listeners of 5 networks and 56 individual radio stations and was driven by on-air, online and email promotion. The survey drew more than 2100 responses from across the country.

“These very specific insights into the grocery-buying habits of radio listeners will have a powerful impact on stations and advertisers alike,” said Joan Warner CEO of CRA.

The Grocery Shopping report includes local data, with the results providing radio stations and advertisers with information into audiences’ store preferences and what add-ons enhance their shopping experience.

Respondents provided in-depth data on when and where they preferred to shop, their meal planning and preparation, and the technology they used when selecting and buying groceries.

Presslaff Interactive Revenue is the premier provider of revenue generating, audience engaging, database marketing solutions for more than 1000 local media companies worldwide.

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