#FTA Desperate for Data

Published on August 1st, 2015
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Are you desperate for data? There’s only one right answer to this one: NO, because you’re smart. You’re already on a steady path toward collecting information on who your customers are, what they value about your business and how you can get them to spend more time or money with you. If you answered YES, and you are pining for this information, it’s not to late to start.

Hotels Get Pushy About Their Loyalty Programs, by Christopher Elliott, from the June 1, 2004 New York Times, outlines hotel loyalty programs and the mutual benefits of database building. The article says in part, “Hotel representatives say they use the data to better serve guests. But they also use it to serve themselves, specifically to hone sales and advertising efforts to capture more market share…”

The Hilton Hotel chain is cited as a company that gets it right. It contains over 7 million guest profiles, noting everything from newspaper to bed type preferences. The article continues, “Our relationship with our guest is based on data,” said Jim VonDerheide, Hilton’s vice president for customer relationship management strategies… “For Hilton, the efforts have paid off. The rate of staying at Hilton hotels instead of at rivals has soared to 61 percent from 41 percent two years ago.”

Will everyone rush to join your database? Nope. But the information you cull, based on the incentives you provide, will give you a strong foundation to reach out to known customers and bring them back to you.



[#FTA — From the archives:  each month, we revisit a post from our past to show how some marketing strategies stand the test of time.]

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