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What We Do

Presslaff Interactive Revenue is the leading provider of database and email marketing services for media companies worldwide.

PIR delivers a range of data-driven products, from stand-alone, full-service, turnkey campaigns where you sell and we build, to a comprehensive self-service model rich with features like a client-customized strategy, powerful platform for engagement and extensive marketing support.

Work with PIR and you will:

  • Generate recurring sales revenue
  • Retain/acquire subscribers
  • Unify email databases
  • Build engagement and customer loyalty.

It’s all about Data Driven Revenue…you drive, we’ll steer.



Data Driven Revenue™

Dat-e-Base – The engine that unifies your data, engages audiences, builds loyalty, increases profitability and captures warm leads. With a rich feature set for building your Loyalty Club and Newsletter registration, the sending of deeply targeted Responsive Design emails, the hosting of a selection of contest types and surveys, as well as A.C.E. for Automated Circulation Email notices. All in one powerful, unified database. Click on each icon below to learn more about how our platform helps your business grow!






Get the platform that delivers automated messages to customers, marketing campaigns to prospects and custom messages to a target audience. Succeed with the strategies and mobile solutions that deliver the right message to the right group.


Engage your audience while building your lists and providing innovative advertiser programs. From simple one-click campaigns to the best best of platform you’ve seen, we’ll make you a winner.


Dig deeper. Target better. Gather the audience interests, ideas and opinions that generate warm leads, marketing insights and loyalty opportunities, all while growing your lists. Get access to our library of surveys and success stories, highlighting the data driven revenue surveys provide.


Now bring it altogether: Email Registration, newsletter sending and campaign targeting. Contests and Surveys providing data on lifestyles, buying preferences, lead-generation...and even more opt-ins. Unify your data. One company. One platform. One place.

We have the tools for you to drive revenue

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Turnkey Solutions

Looking for bursts of revenue? Build data driven revenue in categories like Home Improvement, Education, Healthcare, Automotive and more. You sell. PIR builds.

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Best Of

Mobile-first, graphic rich, data intensive. Reenergize your best of campaign, or launch your first one better than anyone else in your market. It doesn’t get better than this.

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It all comes down to this. The experience and expertise that creates your engaged, revenue producing database. We’re your marketing coach. Working with you to wring every benefit out of every byte of data.

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"We have a database. We’re just not sure what to do with it."

It’s a common lament. You have a database. You “blast” out emails. You’re just not seeing a return. We can help with that. On our platform or yours. We create custom strategies, conduct data analysis and provide industry surveys. Contact us today to see how we can turn your blasts into compelling campaigns, increase audience engagement and turn your databases into dollars.

Our Clients and Partners

Why Register?

Because Email Marketing is a monster revenue generator, and we can help you generate some of that revenue through short bursts or long term planning. Because targeted database marketing is key to building meaningful relationships with your audience, and audience engagement is critical to your future. Because once we know who you are and what you need, we can help build that unified database through our platforms and marketing expertise.

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