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Presslaff can help you automate and leverage email marketing to regularly engage and keep your customers.

Our proprietary Automated Circulation Emails toolset uses email marketing to cost-effectively:

  • Improve Customer Outreach
  • Shortcut the Renewal Process
  • Welcome New Customers
  • Remind Existing Customers to Renew

Utilizing records acquired from your circulation system, we’ll automatically trigger customized emails to your audience based on their status. For example,

  • Welcome
  • Pre-Expire
  • Post Expire
  • Credit Card Expire
  • EZ-Pay Conversion
  • Vacation Restart

Build loyalty with your customers by touching base – keeping them apprised of delivery delays or interruptions, introducing them to new products first and surveying their satisfaction.

Plus, you reduce costs attributed to telemarketing and direct mail when you leverage the power of email. What’s not to love?

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Looking for bursts of revenue? Build data driven revenue in categories like Home Improvement, Education, Healthcare, Automotive and more. You sell. PIR builds.

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The engine that unifies your data, engages audiences, builds loyalty, increases profitability and captures warm leads. All in one powerful, unified database.

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It all comes down to this. The experience and expertise that creates your engaged, revenue producing database. We’re your marketing coach. Working with you to wring every benefit out of every byte of data.

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Because Email Marketing is a monster revenue generator, and we can help you generate some of that revenue through short bursts or long term planning. Because targeted database marketing is key to building meaningful relationships with your audience, and audience engagement is critical to your future. Because once we know who you are and what you need, we can help build that unified database through our platforms and marketing expertise.

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