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Best Of

Best Of

Engage your audience to vote for the Best Of, while engaging your advertisers in this lucrative program. Our mobile-first, graphic-rich platform will energize an already successful Best Of program or launch you as the leader in your market. Plus, take advantage of the new revenue opportunities this platform provides, particularly around data collection and email marketing.

Who Is It For?

  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Alternative/Niche Publications
  • Magazines
  • Online Publishers
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Industry Associations

See How it Works

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What Does It Do?

Revenue Powerhouse:

Title Sponsorship, Category Sponsorship, Multiple Upsell Opportunities with Ads, Maps, Links, Logos, and More

Data Deliverer:

First Party Data, Opt Ins, Preferences, Votes

Targeting Machine:

Drilled Down to Category and Individual Vote Levels to Create Targeted Sales Campaigns All Year Long

Audience Magnet:

Page Views Explode as Users Are Drawn to Nominate and Vote on Local Businesses/Niche/Community/Personal Favorites

Local Love:

Introduce New Businesses to Community, Provide Recognition and Branding for Local Companies (Year Round), Create Community Connection through Inclusion in Program

Community Concierge:

Become the Arbiter of “What’s Best” in Your Community

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Because Email Marketing is a monster revenue generator, and we can help you generate some of that revenue through short bursts or long term planning. Because targeted database marketing is key to building meaningful relationships with your audience, and audience engagement is critical to your future. Because once we know who you are and what you need, we can help build that unified database through our platforms and marketing expertise.

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