#FTA What You’re Doing Right

Published on December 1st, 2015
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Instead of starting the New Year off with the list of things you’re doing wrong and the things that need to be changed (truth is, we’re far enough into the year to face that we’re off the wagon, off the diet and at the computer instead of the gym) let’s take a look at three things many stations and businesses are doing right:

1. Showing an interest in your listeners and customers:
By asking website visitors to sign up at your site you’re taking the first step in learning who your core customers are and how you can best serve them.

2. Following up with interesting information:
By keeping registered parties up to date on your contests and concerts, by recognizing different interests and even birthdays, you’re paying attention to the people who create the ratings or generate the revenue for your station or store.

3. R – E – S – P – E – C – T:
By adhering to the recently passed CAN SPAM law, obeying those opt-out requests and adding your street address to your messages, you’re showing respect for the permission people have given you to contact them.

A good start to a possibly great year. If you’re not interested in your customers, staying in contact with them or respecting them, think about appending this year’s resolutions and adding these to the top of your list!



[#FTA — From the archives:  each month, we revisit a post from our past to show how some marketing strategies stand the test of time.]

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