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“The database that we’ve built with Presslaff satisfies our two overarching goals: ratings and revenue. We set listening occasions and build loyalty while making money and delighting clients. Our most recent sales initiative cleared $45,000. We couldn’t be happier.”
Erin Galant, Director of Digital Strategy – Max Media, (Norfolk, VA)

“We’re able to hit the ground running in these markets, instantly engaging our audiences and getting data & revenue in return.”
Bryce Jacobson, General Manager, The Greeley Tribune (Colorado)

“The feedback that I got from my sales reps was that this (lead generating contest) was fun and different. It helped us speak to different kinds of advertisers. We’re closing clients we never could close before.”
Robin Lachapelle, Integrated Media Consultant

“Their Idea Sparkers and ongoing support have helped us create new sales & marketing campaigns that grow our email database and generate new sales revenue.”
Carrie Cole, Digital Media Manager, Aberdeen American (Aberdeen, SD)

Unifying and monetizing our email databases has long been our goal. Presslaff Interactive Revenue has delivered a strategy and toolset that’s moving us forward. Their team has been responsive and proactive. Can’t ask for much more.
Jerry Taylor, Publisher, Dispatch-Argus (Moline, IL)

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Because Email Marketing is a monster revenue generator, and we can help you generate some of that revenue through short bursts or long term planning. Because targeted database marketing is key to building meaningful relationships with your audience, and audience engagement is critical to your future. Because once we know who you are and what you need, we can help build that unified database through our platforms and marketing expertise.

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